Task automation,

Seamlessly automate the repetitive tasks and see your business scale

Optimize the use of resources

Optimize the use of resources

Your employees might get bogged down by repetitive tasks. This can lead to critical mistakes. Here’s where WinTask can be used to automate these tasks seamlessly, thus saving hours of time and employee productivity

Compatibility with legacy systems

Compatibility with legacy systems

WinTask’s RPA interacts with data within the presentation layer of platforms and applications. This essentially indicates that companies do not need to make any changes to the existing systems while implementing RPA

Adaptability & flexibility to processes

Adaptability & flexibility to processes

WinTask systems are super adaptable and flexible when it comes to the nuances of a business. In case the demand overshoots or the processes change, RPA programs hosted on servers can automatically act on these changes, making it seamless for the business to scale

Better compliance management

Better compliance management

RPA removes data gaps between unrelated sources and logs all actions completed by these programs throughout the automation process. This allows employees to recognize and act upon any compliance issues easily

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Where to begin

Wintask Developer
Wintask Developer

This is our flagship product. It saves you time and increases your productivity by enabling you to automate repetitive tasks. Simply record a set of tasks, name & save the script that’s generated and run the script to automate that repetitive task.

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This work parallelly with WinTask. Runtime helps you run the script that is generated by WinTask in order to automate your repetitive tasks.

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Wintask Pro
Wintask Pro

WinTask Pro is the more advanced version of WinTask. WinTask Pro can create a standalone .exe file that can be run on an unlimited number of machines without the installation of WinTask or Runtim.

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Scale-ready features that you can’t do without

Macro Recorder

Macro Recorder allows you to set up your automation in no-time and with no technical knowledge. Press the record button, chose what you would like to be recorded, record your actions, and then watch how WinTask repeats it for you for ‘n’ number of times.

Tasks Scheduler

Don’t forget to run that important task ever. With the WinTask scheduler feature, you can set the desired, hours, dates, and can even skip working days or bank holidays. It will automatically log-in to your Windows and execute the tasks scheduled at that particular time.

Data Capture

WinTask is capable of scraping data from web pages. Using its automatic navigation, WinTask can launch the URL to load, send a User_Id and an encrypted password (if it’s a secure site), conduct searches, and navigate to the different pages where some field contents are to be extracted and extract the same.

Automated Web Form Filling

With WinTask, you can automate form-filling on a website from an excel sheet with the required data, one by one.

We provide automation
awesome services as well

Script-writing service
Script-writing service

Wintask's professional team is here for you if you get stuck trying to automate an intricate task. We can write the demanded script for you so that you successfully complete it!

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Web data extraction service
Web data extraction service

Occasionally you might have to extract data, which may not be an ordinary task. Don't worry, we can very quickly accomplish that for you!

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Key Features

  • Macro Recorder
    Macro Recorder
  • Automatic Form Filling
    Automatic Form Filling
  • Excel & Database Automation
    Excel & Database
  • Powerful Scheduler
    Powerful Scheduler
  • Web Data Extraction
    Web Data Extraction
  • UI Automation
    UI Automation
  • Optical Character Recognition
    Optical Character
  • Image Recognition
    Image Recognition


Automates my favorite
searches on eBay

I recorded a WinTask macro that automates my favorite searches on eBay and extracts prices from the results page.

Easy to use

The WinTask product is easy to use, performs as we expected and provides the functionality we require for recording test scripts. We are quite pleased with WinTask and have found it to be very useful with many of the repetitive tasks…

The WinTask software
is awesome

The WinTask software is awesome. I have tried about 3 different products similar to WinTask. I was looking for software that was easy to learn and use and performed automated tasks…